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For centuries, rings have been used as the marker of marriage. The easiest way to add some personal touch to your ring is to engrave a unique message that means something to both of you. There are no hard and fast rules on the messages to be engraved in your bands, but here are some engraving ideas from our team and our customers, in case you need some references 😉  

1. Solemnization or Wedding Date

Let’s start off with the most common engraving option which is the date of solemnization or wedding. That is the day when you and your loved one united as one in marriage. The date is no longer a usual date in the calendar but a special day to remember for life.

 Eg. 01.01.2020

       Feb 01, 2020

2. Name, Nickname or Initial

Another timeless option is to engrave your name or initial. There are various variations can be considered, you may combine two first name with a symbol in between, a monogram, or just the initials. If you have any silly pet names for each other, this is the best place to note it down.

Eg. Chris & Emma

       Dum Dum ❤ Gum Gum

3. Signature

Sign on your ring as how you sign on the marriage certificate. Signature engraving is the new technique that requires the experienced engraver to craft the handwritten signature by hand or by machine. There will be no other ring have the same engraving as you do.  


4. Common Interest

Many couples fall in love with each other because of shared interests and having many things in common. With a little bit of creativity, the engraving of your rings can be so much related and relevant to you and your partner.

Eg. For divers – “Dive into the love sea”

      For gym goer – “Train together, stay together”


5.  Favourite Movie Lines or Lyrics

Movies and music are parts of our life. There are certain movie lines or lyrics touched your heart and left a mark on you. Why not engrave your enthusiasm on the ring?

Eg. “You’re amazing” “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars

       “I would rather spend one lifetime with you” – The Lord of the Ring


6.  Foreign Language

It is not mandatory to stick with one language for engraving. You can engrave your rings with you mother tongue or other foreign language you fancy. Some languages just sound more romantic and beautiful than the others.  

Eg. Semper Fidelis (“Always faithful” in latin)

      Je t’aime (“I love you” in French)

7. Sense of Humour

Most of the people need some sense of humour here and there in a relationship. If you would like to add more laughter to your big day, why not add some funny phases to your rings?

Eg. “Don’t lost this ring”



8. Religious

There are couples incorporate their shared religious beliefs into their weddings. They hold the same values and wish for a blessed marriage. Engrave a meaningful verse from holy scriptures is lovely and works as a reminder to hold your commitment to each other and to god.  

Eg. “Song of Solomon 2:16” (My lover is mine, and I am his. — The Bible)

      “Surah An-Naba [78:8]” (And We created you in pairs. — The Quran)


9.  Romantic Poetry or Promises

If your feelings and commitments to your partner have been expressed in existing beautiful poetry or vows, engrave the most lovely and meaningful on your partner’s ring. 

Eg. “If I should think of love” “I’d think of you” (Shakespeare’s Sonnet)

      “To love” “To cherish” (Marriage Vow)

10. Thumbprint

If you are looking for one of a kind engraving for your wedding bands, you may want to consider to engrave each other’s thumbprint on the rings. Thumbprint engraving involves high complexity of works and professional techniques. The engraver will engrave line by line according to the pattern of your thumbprint. No two people have the identical thumbprint, and hence, your ring will be the one-and-only art piece in the world. 

11. Personal Handwriting 
Love is simple. eClarity puts the advance technology of laser engraving aside and goes back to basic. We handed an engraving pen to our couple and asked them to engrave a secret message for each other on the internal circle of their wedding bands. Watch the video here.