The Gemologist Premium Selection

vs Standard 3EX and Best Price Challenge

Premium Gemologist Selection β€” a pinnacle of excellence that surpasses the Triple Ideals/Excellents benchmark. Each diamond in this selection is curated with meticulous precision by our expert gemologist. Accompanied by a detailed HCA score print-out and showcasing unique hearts and arrows patterns, this collection embodies an unmatched level of quality and distinction.

Standard Triple Ideals/Excellents Collection – a range that embodies the gold standard of cut perfection. Rigorously assessed by renowned international labs, each gemstone is classified as ideal or excellent in terms of cut, polish, and symmetry. This unwavering commitment to precision ensures brilliance and beauty in every piece.

Best Price Challenge – as a fourth-generation diamond trader, eClarity/BA collaborates with highly experienced and resourceful site-holders. Our streamlined structure empowers us to extend the Best Price Challenge globally. If customers find a comparable item at a lower price within 1 month, we allow returns and refunds in the original condition.

Gemologist Premium Selection – Hearts & Arrows


The Hearts & Arrows Scope is used for the evaluation of a diamond’s optical symmetry, which pertains to the internal light reflection within the diamond. This assessment reveals the precision of the diamond’s angles and proportions, thereby showcasing the level of craftsmanship involved in its cutting. By observing the diamond through the Hearts & Arrows scope, one can perceive a distinct visual pattern known as “Hearts” when viewing through the pavilion, and “Arrows” when the stone is observed from the table-up position.





Gemologist Premium Selection – Holloway Cut Advisor

The Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA), abbreviated as HCA, refers to The Holloway Cut Advisor (U.S Patent 7,251,619), which was created by Garry Holloway. It is a calculator used to assess the attractiveness of round diamonds by evaluating their potential Light Return, Fire, Scintillation, and Spread. Essentially, the HCA calculator gauges how effectively light is reflected from a diamond’s cut. One remarkable aspect of this tool is its user-friendliness and cost-free accessibility, making it an excellent resource.

Gemologist Premium Selection – Light Reflection

Yellow light reflection – Captivating hues dance, a mesmerizing play of colors in every glance.

White light reflection – A masterful cut, light embraced, a radiant reflection that can’t be erased.

Sparkles that return to the observer’s eyes when the diamond/observer moves – Gleaming facets ignite, a symphony of sparkles takes flight.

The Diamond Guide

Exceptionally skilled craftsmen at eClarity meticulously create our diamonds. We proudly stand as the sole jeweler that provides a triple excellent cut, the highest industry grade, for all round brilliant engagement diamonds. Consequently, only the finest diamonds, expertly crafted, are deemed worthy of the iconic eClarity Premium Diamond.

The 8C’s

Defined by eClarity

The Differences Between
Natural vs Labgrown Diamonds

Our gemologist, Amanda, often shares the analogy that natural diamonds are like babies, while labgrown diamonds are comparable to IVF babies.

Both types of diamonds possess identical optical, physical, and chemical properties.

Enthusiasts of natural diamonds lean towards organic choices, while younger individuals who prefer labgrown diamonds appreciate their sustainability and transparent supply chain.

Both natural and labgrown diamonds are accompanied by GIA or IGI lab reports.

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Understanding the Differences Between Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds

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