THE COMPANY is an award-winning jewellery company, recognized for its premium bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewellery, celebrating love.

Founded in 2005 by Gemologist Amanda Koo, who is the winner of Young Entrepreneur Award in 2013, eClarity offers weekly Gemological Diamond Webinars. Its subsidiary brand, BA.SG, specializing in labgrown diamonds is one of the fastest growing and largest online diamond retailers of certified labgrown diamonds in Southeast Asia.

Together, and BA.SG hold more than 20,000 GIA certified natural diamonds and 5,000 IGI labgrown diamonds, which maintain live real-time options.

Leading the role to empower environmental responsibility in the jewellery industry, it’s newly launch app, The Sample Line, offers the first jewellery rental subscription service in the region.



The year was 2000. Amanda graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Computer Science and dream to set up her business. She registered Wah Chan Consolidated Pte Ltd. The name chosen was for sentimental reasons and it was made up of the name of her grandfather, WAH, and her grandmother, CHAN. The Singapore registered company remained dormant for the next 4 years; Amanda worked in a bank and a telecommunications company to gain corporate experience and to secure financial independence. She worked hard towards fulfilling her dream to run her own show in her own store. In year 2004, she moved to New York, where the dream began. She completed a post-degree diploma as a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and was active in online sales in New York. Amanda registered eClarity Pte Ltd, to celebrate the birth of new generation jewellery.


The first shop in Shaw Centre started in end 2005 with 3 trays of mass produced “Japanese style” wedding bands. The (probably) first online jewellery retail website was launched with merely 20 hits per month. The older generations mocked at Amanda’s naive dream to sell diamonds online. But the Bachelor of Computer Science graduate held on tight. The first retail event was a “wedding bands warehouse sale”, with a total sales intake of only $8869. However, the world of wedding bands, proposal rings and wedding jewellery in Singapore would never again be the same with the humble beginning of eClarity.


In 2006, together with experienced craftsmen and designers, who held the passion to create new generation jewellery, eClarity launched a series of “majestic designs” for wholesale. The design was made up of 4 marquise diamonds, set with 1 princess cut diamond in the centre with invisible claws. The orders were piling up, and the operation of service centre was pressured into expanding at a fast pace. eClarity was probably the only production team in Singapore which sets a large quantity of “majestic designs” locally. The collection can still be browsed via, under the “Wholesale” category, though it is no longer in production. Today, eClarity service centres in Singapore and Hong Kong houses accredited gemologists and designers ensuring the quality and aesthetics of our jewellery. It uses cutting-edge machinery for designing jewellery with detailed 3D configuration, making customised wedding bands with computer-engraved wedding bands. When the delicate fine art of jewellery cannot be substituted by technology, eClarity craftsmen showcase their skill to hand-craft jewellery.


At the same time, the retail appointments multiplied by word of mouth of customers, who were surprised by Amanda, and a team she was leading, of their professionalism, a sense of beauty, sincerity and passion that was almost never seen in Singapore. Standing by her is a squad of youthful, energetic and tech-savvy production personnel who monitors the job orders, marketing personnel who designs and updates the website and advertorials, and also a team of qualified craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in the jewellery trade. This, together with the designs and the reasonable price, result in a wedding jewellery evolution in the young elite of Singapore. In end 2007, Amanda launched customised wedding bands with 31 trays of ready templates, 32 sets of bridal jewellery, and princess cut diamonds. The sale of wedding bands and proposal rings took a great upsurge.


eClarity continues to provide top-notch service standards to assist couples in their search for their ideal proposal ring, wedding bands, and wedding jewellery. Our recognition and reputation bears testament to our steadfastness in our beliefs. The brand continues to grow rapidly. In year 2009, eClarity expanded its global sale through online marketing to USA, Australia, China and Malaysia, while continuing the spirit to create remarkable and prestigious wedding jewellery. The annual turnover of eClarity increased tremendously to multi millions within the first few years. With the fundamental belief to let every customer leave with a smile, eClarity’s name continues to spread far and wide.



Mr Koh Kui Wah (Amanda’s late grandfather) founded the first outlet of Wah Chan in Malaysia in 1955. The company sold traditional yellow gold items for more than 20 years. In year 1975, Mr Koo Quay Keong (Amanda’s father) took over the gold business. The business grew rapidly and expanded to major towns and cities, quickly becoming one of the leading jewellers in the region. It was the first company to replace the abacus with calculator, the first in the region to decorate a jewellery store in a theme other than red. In 1993, the company became the first jeweller to register with the inaugural franchise unit of the Prime Minister’s Department in Malaysia. Wah Chan is a superbrand in Malaysia. Today, Wah Chan in Malaysia offers a full range of gold, diamond and gem stone jewellery, and has stepped out of Malaysia to create a presence in many other countries in year 2000. Wah Chan has sprung out to other brands like 321k, facet fire. Facet fire attends to the celebrities, royalty, and the elite, by invitation and appointment only. Though Wah Chan and eClarity are not related in designs and production, the close link has brought about the sharing of many valuable experience and interests.