V-Shaped & Twirl Wedding Bands

Our latest #weddingbands collection, features different curvatures that flawlessly and naturally stacked with engagement ring in any style. #eClarity #shoplocalbrand

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Engraved on Your Hearts

“Thanks Amanda! For the wonderful service & brilliant rings! Love it very much” – Regards, Gabriel & Elsa

Thank you Gabriel & Elsa for celebrating love with #eClarity. The warmest wishes on the most special day for the two of you, all of us here wishing you everlasting love and true happiness, reaching every corner of your hearts.

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eClarity Zoom Webinars: Diamonds, Wedding Bands, Jewellery Gifts, Natural VS Labgrown Diamonds

eClarity Zoom Webinars: Diamonds, Wedding Bands, Jewellery Gifts, Natural VS Labgrown Diamonds

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Date: 6 May 2020
Time: 5pm-6pm
“All About Jewellery Gifts – Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Bridal Jewellery”
Gift ideas of Mother’s day, Father’s day, Wedding Anniversary

Date: 13 May 2020
Time: 2pm-3pm
“What is the difference between Natural Diamonds, Labgrown Diamonds, Diamond Simulants?”
Natural diamonds are earth-grown and mined, should you go for labgrown or cultured diamonds which are lower priced? How about gemstones and other simulants?

Date: 20 May 2020
Time: 5pm-6pm
“Choosing or Customising The Right Wedding Bands”
Learn about the different gold colour, gloss and matte finishing, width vs lifestyle and finger shapes, engraving ideas and overall design.

Date: 27 May 2020
Time: 2pm-3pm
“All You Need to Know About Diamond Engagement Rings”
Learn everything about 4C’s and beyond, know about price range, ring sizes, customization, and designs. Also what to do and not to do during a proposal.

Amanda Koo – GIA Gemologist with 3 generations of jewellery heritage. She is a graduate from NUS, with a master in counselling, and 15 years of experience customizing more than 10,000 diamond rings and wedding bands in Singapore and the region. Under her leadership, eClarity progresses onto global platforms, receiving numerous pretigious awards. Amanda is also awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2013.

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From eClarity Photo Archives – Diamond Engagement Ring

From eClarity engagement ring photo archives. A shot illustrating the side view of the timeless 6 prong petite engagement ring design. #diamond #ring

The heart of eClarity is always full of love and hope. During this unusual #WFH time, we are browsing our archives, life can simple and happy. #eClarity

thegirl.co features eClarity – 10 Best Jewellers Offering Couples Wedding Bands in SG

“Thegirl.co” features eClarity as one of the “10 Best Jewellers Offering Couples Wedding Bands in SG”

“Established in 2004, eClarity has since been recognised for its professional service and quality in bridal diamond jewellery and couples wedding bands. But most of all, eClarity’s brand seeks to celebrate love with utmost precision in all of their wonderful wedding bands. Year after year, eClarity’s growth has seen founder Amanda craft new sets of bridal jewellery that were equally innovative and special. With the brand operating on a global scale, eClarity has marketing in Australia, USA, China and more.

Apart from their speciality bridal jewellery, eClarity offers the best consultation and after-sales service in Singapore. With the help of an esteemed GIA gemologist, eClarity is able to further understand your needs and any questions of purchase that you might have. In addition, they also provide one-time resizing services for engagement rings so that you can find the best fit for your fingers. Buy with eClarity for jewellery that is simply hassle-free.”

Here’s original article: https://thegirl.co/sg/wedding/best-couples-wedding-bands/