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Eternity ring gets its name from the word ‘eternal’ as the band has no beginning or end. It symbolizes everlasting love and often used as wedding band or a gift from husband to wife.

Generally, the eternity rings are adorned with full circle or half circle of colourless diamonds, but coloured diamonds and gemstones eternity rings have started to gain popularity due to its contemporary and modern look.

There are varies options to set an eternity ring:

  1. Prong Set Eternity Ring

Also known as claw setting, prong setting is the most popular setting design for eternity ring. Each diamond is typically held by four prongs securely, and the prongs can be seen from both top and side views.


  1. Shared Prong Set Eternity Ring

Shared prong setting is designed to enhance the diamond’s exposure to the lighting by further reducing the metal in between two diamonds. The prongs will be less obvious in this setting and allow better light performance of the diamonds.


  1. Channel Set Eternity Ring

As its name indicates, the diamonds of the channel set eternity ring are set alongside into the groove or the channel in the metal band, holding the diamonds securely. With the protection layers at both sides, channel setting is relatively secured amongst all settings for eternity ring.


  1. Pavé Set Eternity Ring

In pavé setting, the diamonds are set in place by teeny metal beads. Pavé set eternity ring is often used to hold smaller diamonds to generate a paved appearance. The design is greatly focusing on the sparkle of the diamonds by minimizing the metal parts.


  1. Bezel Set Eternity Ring

Unlike other settings, the diamonds in bezel set eternity ring are framed separately in each mounting. Each diamond will be surrounded entirely by the metal, which offer best protection for diamonds. Bezel set eternity ring is generally designed with milgrain to create a vintage and artistic effect on the ring.


  1. Bar Set Eternity Ring

The diamonds are divided from the next by a bar divider in a bar set eternity ring. This design creates an alternate diamond and metal formation instead of constant appearance of diamonds alongside. Although the brilliance and sparkle are reduced with high proportion of metal part, bar set eternity ring attracts group of people with its unique and unisex design.


  1. Flush Set Eternity ring

As its name implies, flush set eternity ring has its diamonds flushed in the metal, which only show the top view or the table of the diamonds. While having less focus on the diamonds, flush set eternity rings are generally stylish and easy to maintain.


  1. Cut Down Set Eternity ring

As the alteration of the prong setting, cut down setting maximizes the exposure of diamonds with no visible metal strip from either side. The light performance of diamonds is greatly enhanced with cut down setting and the diamonds are visible from top and side views.


  1. Tension Set Eternity Ring

Instead of having prongs, tension setting holds the diamonds in place with the stabilizing force, built from the law of physics and the theories of tension. The diamonds are set under the pressure exerted on the girdle of the diamonds from the metal band. Hence, the diamonds seem floating in between the metal strips, giving a distinctive look with simple structure.


  1. Curved Eternity Ring

A curved eternity ring is often used as a matching band and stacked with an engagement ring or a cocktail ring. A variety of designs with different curvature are available in the market to accommodate the structure of another ring. Stackable rings allow you to express your creativity in matching jewellery and provide a high fashion sense when the rings are in good fit.