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(Repost from Amanda’s blog)

2.5 years ago, at the peak of my entrepreneurial boredom, and on the verge of resigning to my own fate of scalability limitation, I joined EO (Entreprenuer Organisation).
2.5 years later, to my own amazement, I am serving the board for the third term, appointed as the Global Membership Expert, and blessedly awarded the Member of the year. #soglamright
What did EO do to me?

Pre-EO, I thought I was the greatest businesswoman who took pride that I was hands on serving customers at #eClarity, on hindsight I was just an #energizerbunny who could talk about diamonds all day and was polite to people around me. #youngentreprenueraward2013ok
Post-EO, I empower my team and I empower love. Giving diamond talks in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, I truly want to bring happiness to the world. I live a life again! I also know now that I am far from being the best. The best is always yet to be, but I am taking one step at a time, with a group of awesome entrepreneurs. #evenmoreglam
Thank you Patrick, for including me in your board as the Membership Chair (after Finance Chair). I enjoyed so much having the freedom to setting systems and raising standards to the recruitment exercises, aligning values of our fellow entrepreneurs of Singapore, and listening to compelling stories that they share, sometimes in tears, sometimes in fear.
No, I don’t get commission nor rebate, the most popular question I received next is “then why you so on?” Because, what I get, is way more than what you could ever imagine. #friendship #ideology#everyentrepreneurialjourneyisintriguingandhumbling
Also, thank you Brother Danial, Boon, Adrian, Linda, Ivan, Ken, Ansgar, Ian, Ee Ching, Daniel, Suraj, Yuit, Annie, Jill, Hong Ting, Don, Yangjun, Marc, Willie for supporting membership dialogues, giving feedbacks, helping to assess and integrate. #theyaretherealdiamonds #hardestsubstanceonearth

Therefore, believe it or not, I am in for the next term!