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It’s long been a tradition to pass pearls – natural or cultured – from one generation to the next. Although pearls are not the most durable gems, with proper care they can last several lifetimes.


Because pearls rate Poor to Good in toughness, careless handling can damage them. Knotting the string between pearls prevents them from rubbing together and damaging the nacre.


Acids and chemicals like those in cosmetics and perfume attack nacre. Acidic perspiration eroded the nacre of these cultured pearls. Cleaning pearls with a soft, damp cloth helps prevent moisture loss and removes harmful substances.


It’s a good idea to restring pearls periodically. The string can become worn over time. If it breaks, the pearls might be lost or damaged.


Photo: Jewelmer International/ Joeal Beeson/ Janis Christie. Courtesy: GIA. Resource: Amanda. #eClarity