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1. How EO Singapore has helped your entrepreneurship journey to reach your goal and maximize your business?
I joint EO Singapore in a low point of my life. It was a low point in every aspect.
In October 2015, eClarity, which I started in year 2005 and had been growing annually in sales, staff strength, brand awareness, and product lines, was determined to stay stagnant. I was once inspirational, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. But at that 10th year mark, I had nothing else to give, I felt that I had given everything I had.
This, together with my mum’s passing, and raising 3 growing up boys singlehandedly (I grew up as the only daughter), was the moment I signed up with EO.
“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done” – I read this quote on the day I submitted my application form.
My life pre-EO was one that revolved around my diamond clients, and my 3 boys. I had almost never attended a happy hour, sharing forum, or learning seminar.
One year later, my business is now seen as a legacy and an empowerment. I have been reminded of my passion. My team has grown with great structure, we have proper financial budget and business development plans in-placed. I now run meetings that intrigued my team members to speak about their own goals, aspirations, and challenged them on their problem solving skills positively. From diamond business, eClarity, has branched out to dance lessons Dancing Under The Chandelier, Counselling app Listening Therapy, and mass jewellery line.
Finally, the most precious value that I have owned, is the like-minded friends I made, who are relentlessly supportive and delightfully inspirational. They made me realize my life and business purposes – which are to love, to inspire, to provide, and to empower.
2. How has being a woman complemented your entrepreneur journey?
Women are innately blessed with countless lovely qualities – We are beautiful and sociable, we are patient and we listen, we have greater resilience and we are adaptable. I am happy to embrace these wonderful gifts and shine with them.
As a woman entrepreneur, I am thankful that at the start of the journey, I was structured enough to register every mistake in a SOP, warm-hearted enough to truly care for the needs of customers and team members, creative enough to launch original marketing ideas, artistic enough to embrace new designs, meticulous enough to be watchful over income and expenditure, and humble enough to dedicate work or ask for help.
While being a woman has definitely complemented my entrepreneurial journey, the journey has immensely made me feel more complete as a poised and feminine woman.
3. Advice for other aspiring women entrepreneur.
Embrace the beautiful qualities that we own as women – besides those that were mentioned above, don’t forget that we are multi-taskers, we have natural instinct, and our pain tolerance is higher than what the men could ever imagine.
When you are faced with low energy or an obstacle, it is fine to shed a tear, give our children a kiss, have a chat with our loved ones, hit it out with the girls, or buy yourself a little gift. You will emerge intelligently, beautifully, and joyfully.
Remember that you can govern the rule of balance – you have a logical mind and an emotional heart.
Lastly, when you are doubtful of yourself – read articles like this

4. Common misconception about women entrepreneurs.
That women depend on men. I remember when I first started eClarity, my customers, suppliers, contractors who renovated my first office, unhesitatingly assumed that I married a rich man, or I inherited the business, or it’s a partnership and someone else is the real boss behind the scene.
The stereotype is minimal in Singapore. Whatever misconception we face as women entrepreneurs, it gives us space to grow, and when we achieve milestones, it’s always a pleasure surprising those around us positively.