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#Emerald has many special qualities, but professionals generally agree that emeralds are, most of all, about color.
An emerald’s hue, tone, and saturation determine its value. Above photo show color and trade by a source name. Some color terms for emerald are Colombian, Zambian, Sandawana, and Brazilian.
“Colombian” is commonly used to describe the finest emerald color – a color that matches the best stones from Colombia, which are slightly bluish green with medium to medium-dark tone and strong to vivid saturation.
“Zambian” is often used to describe emeralds that are slightly darker and more bluish than Colombian emeralds, often with higher clarity.
“Sandawana” describes emeralds that match those from that location, which are commonly a bright, intense green. They’re usually found in small sizes.
“Brazilian” describes emeralds that are lighter in tone than other emeralds.

Photo, Courtesy: GIA. Resource: #AmandaKoo. #eClarity