Price Principles

eClarity promises the most competitive prices in our diamonds.

With the trust we have forged with our local and international business partners through the years of collaboration, and a good reputation in the industry, we have a team of skillful craftsmen in our service centre dedicated to receive orders only from eClarity – for a more efficient production timeline and production cost. We bulk purchase the best products at competitive prices, enjoying the economies of scale.

Our advertising medium includes our website, online advertisements, and by word of mouth, which we believe are more sincere. Customers are our dearest partners, who recommend relatives and friends. We can place our priority on designing and creating.

At eClarity, we do not believe in having commissioned sales people who are specialise in closing deals. Our jewellery team of gemologist, production and marketing personnel, with in-depth knowledge, will be the ones presenting the jewellery to you. We love to share our ideas and experience in jewellery design and maintenance.

The location of our store front and office is strategic and quiet. Customers are able to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a quiet moment to choose their signature of love. At the same time, the accessibility allows customers to reach our office conveniently.

With a streamlined service team consisting of a committed gemologist, production and marketing representatives, our philosophy is to strive to bring about an extensive selection of products at captivating deals bundled with quality, remarkable service and sincerity.