The Most Meaningful Moments – Guest Notes

“Thank you for your service and will recommend to my friend” – Elvin

“Thanks Amanda& Team for the great service!” – Daniel & Meow

“Dear Amanda and Team, Thank you for your help and thoughtfulness through the process of choosing rings. Your advices have made the process a lot more comforting and less stressful! Cheers” – Marcus & Silin

The Most Meaningful Moments – Guest Notes

“Dear Amanda & team, thank you for the services!” 
– Karen & Vincent  

“Dear eClarity team, thanks for the patience & excellent service to us. We are very pleased with the wedding bands received! Thanks again 😊” 
– Whye Wan & Cassandra 

“Dear Amanda and team, thank you for making the ring selection such a lovely experience. We love the rings 😊 Merry Christmas! Cheers.” 
– Mark & Vanessa
“To Amanda and team: thank you so much for the recommendation of wedding bands. We finally found what we like and are grateful for your assistance in our journey.” 
– Chun Kiat & Veronica 

Important stones often require the use of individual stone papers with padded inserts. Important information about the stone can be printed on the paper’s exterior. Photo: Joel Beeson. Courtesy: GIA. Resource: Amanda. #eClarity